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What is TCM

Thousands of years of clinical experience deposited to effective treatment, the only medicine in ancient Chinese culture. It's all about Qi and Blood which are Yang and Yin as well. If Qi is not excessive or deficient in any part of the body, then the blood would be balance and a person is well. The disease is the result of unbalanced Qi and Blood. The theory is base on Yin and Yang, furthermore five elements will present the organs balance.

Qi and Blood flow through meridians and vessels which form two-way communications between the organs and the body. The energetic state of an organ can be determined by studying certain regions on the surface of the body. A similar concept, known as referred pain, appears in western medicine. For instance, a symptom of a heart problem can be pain radiating down the little finger side of the hand. TCM explains this pain by means of the Heart meridian that runs from the heart to the anterior and medial surface of the arms. The pain is the result of a Qi deficiency or a Qi stagnation. Conversely, unlike western medicine, stimulating specific points on the body, called acupoints, influences the energy flow to the associated organs through their meridians. For example, some heart problems can be treated by stimulating certain acupoints on the Heart meridian.