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The acupuncture therapy is using 14 meridians around the body to balance Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood and organs in the body. Acupuncture is the most effective therapy for pain management and sports injury. For example, if you twist your ankle then put one needle in your wrist and you can walk in a second after the needle is in.
Dr. Chao Chen's Three Systems of Balance

The One Needle Techniques

  1. Corresponding Balance: Contra-Lateral Balance
  2. Harmonizing Zang Fu Paired Channels: Horizontal Balance

The Inner System Balance

  1. Harmonizing Yin and Yang: Ba Gua Balance
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This energetic anatomical correlation is a reflection of the Ba Gua, where each correlation gives balance to the other. For instance, if we treat the knee, it balances the elbow. There is an energetic correlation between all parts of the body like internal pathways connecting organs to channels. In the Balancing Methodology, one needle is often used to balance the energy of the opposing area, which produces immediate relief of the stagnation or pain. Dr. Chen has over 30-years experience with his methodology and has found it to be a most powerful and effective practice of acupuncture.

I Ching reflects the multi-dimensional aspect of life. Oriental medicine with its foundation in I Ching theory also contains many models of viewing life. For example, Wu Ji, Yin-Yang, Tai Ji, Five Elements, Six Channels, Ba Gua, Ten Heavenly Stems, Twelve Earthly Branches, and Jia Zi cycle of sixty are all different ways to view a given situation. In the same way, urine, blood, X-ray, MRI, and Catscan tests are different ways to examine the human condition.
Dr. Chao Chen discovered that an effective treatment usually includes point(s) that are effective according to multiple models of Acupuncture. His discovery became the foundation for the balancing methodology.
For example:
  1. Lower body treating upper body.
  2. Left side treats right side.
  3. Most important we never needle the head because of a headache
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Treatment by acupuncture -  Acupuncture  in Glendora, CA
Dr. Chao Chen Balancing Methodology consists of three major systems:
  1. Corresponding balance among the Eight Trigrams and 12-ZangFu channels
  2. This system applies the Anatomical Balance Points of Opposites including hand Vs. foot, elbow Vs. knee, and shoulder Vs. hip. This system contains vertical contra-lateral balance points.
  3. Arrangement of the proper order of the Eight Trigram
  4. This system applies the Horizontal Balance Points including ZangFu paired channels, Trigram and Anatomical locations.
  5. Harmonizing the Strong (Yang) and Weak (Yin)
  6. This system balances Yin-Yang excess or deficiency of the ZangFu organs by way of the eight Guas, 64-Hexagrams, Five Transporting, Yuan-Source and Luo Connecting Acupuncture Points.